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Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India

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A work of historical fiction, set in the great mutiny of 1857 in India, when the sepoys of the East India Company had decided that they had had quite enough of British rule, this novel follows the fate of British men and women who are variously sympathetic and at odds with the cause of the people of India. Love, action, adventure, and yes, even a tiger hunt, promise to keep you glued to your chair as you delve within.

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Rising hastily from the comfortable chair wherein she had lately been ensconced, her book falling unheeded from her lap, Jane Davenport launched herself behind the large screen in her bedchamber, and with the assistance of her maid, robed herself in Indian attire, drawing the long fabric that hung over her shoulder as a veil around her head. Bibi had kept a large bundle of clothes, as well as a smaller bundle of valuables and items they would need, at the ready. The women made their way to the kitchen in haste. As they did so, Ram Singh hurried in, out of breath and declaring that a group of sepoys with rifles was making their way to the quarters of the European officers.

­—Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India


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