Book Promotion Strategies: Book Giveaways

      Book Giveaways Book giveaways, believe it or not, are seen as a promising way to promote your book. You are probably wondering why someone would suggest you give away books when you are actually trying to sell them. This thought did occur to me and I adopted my book giveaway with a somewhat skeptical state of mind. Most authors want to sell books, not just give them away. However, if you are a newly published author (that’s a kinder way of saying “unknown”), book giveaways can be a way to acquire some visibility. Readers do not mind taking a risk on something that’s free. The assumption is that once…

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    Journeys in Publishing

    The Journey from Manuscript to Published Book While I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my book, I have also discovered a tremendous amount of information along the way that I wished I would have known from the very beginning. My journey has been punctuated by quite a few mistakes along the way. Fortunately, I find mistakes very enlightening. Once you’ve finished lamenting them, you solve the problems they create and—hopefully—never make them again! Join me as I share some of the tips I have gleaned along the way. When I embarked on my first book, I was simply preoccupied with telling a good story, and having a good time while doing…

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